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Ethical Help

Sometimes when people vow to help a community that seems less fortunate, it becomes a show of “look what I’m doing to help” which inadvertently shines a negative light upon the way someone else lives. Then organizations try to pump it full of something the inhabitants don’t feel they’re missing – a certain religion, money, factories, jobs etc. When a natural disaster sweeps through a country, town, village, state etcetera and those that come to ‘help’ try to rebuild communities the way they want to rebuild them versus how the locals want, it becomes unethical help. A very different agenda than that of the people living in the area. On a smaller scale, an elderly family member of mine who...

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Be Like Ferdinand

One of my favorite children’s books is The Story of Ferdinand the Bull. If you’re unfamiliar, it takes place in Spain when some men visit a farm in search of the biggest most fierce, most-best-at-everything bull for the bull fight. Ferdinand, the biggest, happens to be anything but fierce. In fact, he loves to just sniff the flowers. As the men watch Ferdinand, he sits down under his favorite tree amongst the flowers and a bee stings him causing him to fiercely kick, snort and buck; perfectly fitting the bull bill. The men are certain they have found the roughest toughest bull. The day of the bull fight, Ferdinand is clearly distraught until he smells the flowers in the hands...

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“We don’t see things the way they are, we see them how we are”

I always try to share a piece of advice with my exchange students and nieces/nephews when they return home or upon graduation. Something that I hope is meaningful enough that they can carry it with them – not just the origami dollar signs made of twenties I slip in their card. This year was easy to find a topic – so easy that my pen ran out of ink as I wrote in the card on the way to the party. I’ll chalk it up to the fact that the pen I was using in the car was one of my husband’s that obviously didn’t want me to include the dog and the fish’s names (*insert loving husband eye roll*)....

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